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For over 15 years, Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) has offered cloud-based healthcare inventory management software. We’ve been the industry standard for maximizing efficiency along the supply chain from manufacturer, GPO and distributor to the healthcare provider.

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Envi Surgical

  • Surgery Centers
  • Surgical Hospitals
  • Critical Care Facilities

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  • Physician Offices
  • Medical Groups
  • Urgent Care Facilities

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  • IDN
  • Care Continuum


Enterprise Visibility (Envi)

Connect and integrate your entire organization with our healthcare inventory management software.

What Our Clients Say

“Each module within the platform works together like pieces of a puzzle.”

– Stormy Thomas

“With the complexity of today’s healthcare supply chain stream, IOS has helped us facilitate a method of increasing visibility to our purchase data and automating many of our procurement activities across our 275+ sites.” – Stephanie Phillips
“One of the biggest efficiencies we gained was in the invoice processing area. Envi took us from getting multiple paper invoices every day to being able to manage them electronically in a system.” – Ashlee Stafford
“My favorite part of the system is being able to submit an order to multiple vendors in five minutes or less. Scan, approve orders, order, done.” – Jason Meyer

Why Our Clients Love Envi®


Our solutions are simple and easy to use, with applications available for PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Cost Effective

With Envi, you’ll realize immediate savings.

Great Analytics

Envi was built with one of the most flexible reporting and data extraction utilities available.

Established and Proven Best Practices

With a community of over 5,000 healthcare facilities who share knowledge and experience, IOS has created industry-standard best practices. We believe that by sharing this knowledge and experience, we can help every organization run a better supply chain, creating new and improved business processes.

Our team works with your team. Together, we can identify and share best practices that improve and streamline supply chains in all types of organizations – from Ambulatory Surgery Centers to Urgent Care Centers, standalone Emergency Rooms to Physician Group Practices – and more.

See Envi® in Action

See how Healthcare’s Smarter Supply Chain® can transform your procurement process.

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Valley Dermatology Associates Wins Q3 Best Practice Award!

IOS is committed to continually identifying and sharing best practices from our customers to help inform the healthcare community on supply chain automation. Each quarter, we recognize an organization demonstrating exceptional best practices in supply chain....

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