We’ve added 2-Bin functionality to ENVI™, its next-generation complete supply chain solution. The 2-Bin enhancement is yet another feature within ENVI’s robust par management toolset, which simplifies, organizes and maintains previously time-consuming, manual inventory processes for clinicians and supply chain professionals.

ENVI, which stands for “enterprise visibility,” is a complete, web-based supply chain solution, consisting of pre-integrated modules that can be modified and scaled based on the unique needs of healthcare facilities. ENVI repairs and replaces broken supply chain processes, bringing tremendous value to existing systems through customizable clinical and financial integrations.

“2-Bin is a simple, yet effective system for replenishing inventory; and it’s easy to implement and maintain,” said Amy Zuber, CMRP, Director of Purchasing, Summit Orthopedics. “With the support of IOS, our goal is to simplify our supply chain processes as much as possible.”

“Customer-driven enhancements, like our 2-Bin functionality, ensure that IOS technology is based on real-word best practices, seamlessly evolving along with the healthcare industry,” said Steve Britt, Managing Partner, IOS.

With the nation’s largest footprint in the non-acute healthcare supply chain, IOS works with more than 4,500 critical access hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care facilities and physician clinics. Treating the supply chain like a science, IOS has carved out a leadership position in the industry with stellar customer service and years of innovative technology development.