MedBridge submitted their article on automating and streamlining the procurement process.

“We decided to go with IOS ENVI because they were by far the most user friendly and
most advanced solution available. The interfaces and the robust functionality were
very important to us. We have a mix of solutions within our facilities so having the
flexibility to integrate with multiple systems is really important.”

“My favorite part of the IOS system is the reporting. For my role, the ability to report at
a corporate/enterprise level has been really great. If I am working with a vendor or a
manufacturer to secure pricing I can pull our purchase order history out of ENVI.
Historically I would have had to log into each ASC’s system and compile this information
one at a time. Now I can log into ENVI and see everyone’s spend. The bar code
scanning is a life saver for the end users and the vendor punch-out and the EDI
interface are also great.”

“Another big push for us to drive down costs has been interfacing with our clinical
system (HST) to achieve case costing; being able to proactively do case costing
before the case takes place helps assure our cases are profitable. We can begin to
look at profitability pre-operatively since we have the preference cards built out by
physician. Having the products updated cost from ENVI, allows us to review products,
by case, pre-operatively and allows us to recommend possible substitutions. Having
access to this information allows us to work with our physicians much closer regarding
the supplies they use and in the end helps make us all more profitable and
efficient in the future, thus allowing us to serve out patients better.”