IOS is dedicated to the mission of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare supply chain.  This year we’re asking our customers to share their successes with IOS technology so that others can learn how to leverage the tools for success.  Automating the supply chain is a daunting task! We want to educate the community on what works and what doesn’t. 

 The winner is asked to share and educate others on how they can drive cost out of the supply chain through improved inventory and procurement processes and through a single, centralized multi-vendor platform.  The process is easy and the deadline for the second quarter contest is June 30th

 Please congratulate Kevin Keller and team at Crystal Run Healthcare for their outstanding accomplishments in automating the CRHC supply chain! 

 For more information about sharing best practices, please reach out to Lee Ann McWhorter at .

Thank you for your interest and for your willingness to help educate the community we serve.     

 Read Kevin’s Article About Crystal Run