Client Successes

For over 15 years we’ve helped thousands of clients streamline their procurement process. Here are just some of their comments about our technologies and services.

What our clients say


“Each module within the platform works together like pieces of a puzzle.”

– Stormy Thomas



“With purchasing approvals in Envi, we gained greater visibility to purchasing and it’s been helpful to get more details about department and overall purchasing. We began using the contract module to get more traction on our current contracts. Then, we began using Envi to manage inventory, which has allowed us to reduce on-hand inventory and eliminate overstocking.”

– Cindy Plooster


“With the complexity of today’s healthcare supply chain stream, IOS has helped us facilitate a method of increasing visibility to our purchase data and automating many of our procurement activities across our 275+ sites.”

– Stephanie Phillips

“One of the biggest efficiencies we gained was in the invoice processing area. Envi took us from getting multiple paper invoices every day to being able to manage them electronically in a system.”

– Ashlee Stafford

“My favorite part of the system is being able to submit an order to multiple vendors in five minutes or less. Scan, approve orders, order, done.”


– Jason Meyer

“Having used several materials management and ERP systems built for larger acute-care hospitals, I’m amazed to find that IOS is more functional and user-friendly while costing a fraction of what those big name pro-grams command.”

– Bettie Johnson

“My favorite part of the system is the availability of detailed and granular data which has helped us identify cost containment issues in various specialties.”

– Brian Giessler

“We were able to achieve over $1 million in savings within the first year of the IOS system deployment (11 ASCs). The savings were achieved by having greater visibility into the prices paid for each product across all of our ASCs through IOS’s 3-way match process. Also, IOS’s enterprise system made it possible for us to track and enforce our local and GPO contracts across all of our ASCs.”


– Amy Gagliandi

“Overall I am extremely happy with IOS. I like how IOS has been able to grow and expand as we have grown. Prior to IOS we had a lot of double entry. The support at IOS has been great”

– George Brackett