“For me the greatest success is the Usage Module within the IOS/ENVI platform. I love that the platform is all encompassing but the one thing that I needed was true cost tracking to the patient level. Being on the forefront of this is crucial when trying to find cost savings in today’s market. This module is worth the work to see true cost down to the pennies (spent on hypo needles for example). Each module within the platform works together like pieces of a puzzle. Having those inventory items flow over to the preference cards and being able to track patient usage is a huge step for our organization.  Being able to take that data and show the difference between surgeons at one center or across the region opens discussions on standardization. Making small changes leads to big wins!”

Stormy Thomas
Texas Health Resources
Clinical Services Supply Manager

IOS is dedicated to the mission of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare supply chain.  This year we’re asking our customers to share their successes with IOS technology so that others can learn how to leverage the tools for success.  Automating the supply chain is a daunting task! We want to educate the community on what works and what doesn’t.

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